Cervix in Early Pregnancy Pictures – What Changes to Expect?

Cervix in early pregnancy in women changes its position. Women also might feel changes in the consistency and color of the discharge of the cervical. Women need to track changes cervix during early pregnancy because it can allow a woman to detect whether she is expecting a baby or not.

Cervix in Early Pregnancy

The cervix is a circular muscle band that is responsible for separating the uterus and the vagina. The cervix changes during the menstrual cycle, and the texture and size change at different stages. The changes in the cervix can help women identify if she is pregnant or not.

 It also changes at the various stages of pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss how the cervix changes during the early stages of pregnancy. We will also discuss how women can track their cervix changes in the early stages of pregnancy.

How Does the Cervix Change?

The cervix undergoes many changes during a menstrual cycle and in the early pregnancy. This is how it changes:


When a woman is not expecting, the cervix changes its position all through the menstrual cycle:

  • During the ovulation period, the cervix is situated a little higher in the vagina.
  • After the ovulation period and a few days before the menstruation, if the woman is not pregnant, the cervix is placed lower in the vagina.

If a woman is pregnant, the cervix is situated higher in the vagina, and the position is similar to the time of ovulation.


There are also changes in the texture of the cervix during early pregnancy. It is mainly due to the increase in blood flow. If the woman is not pregnant, the cervix is firm when touched, similar to the tip of a nose. If she is pregnant, the cervix is softer and resembles the lips.

Cervical Discharge

The color of the cervical discharge changes at the different stages of the menstrual cycle. The consistency of the cervical fluid is the best way to track the stages in the menstrual cycle. 

Cervix in Early Pregnancy Before Missed Period

During the time of the missed period, the body is going through the follicular phase. The body is forming the uterine lining that helps to produce a fertilized egg to attach.

Estrogen levels are on the lower side, and at this time, the cervix is on the firmer side. The higher level of Estrogen makes it feel softer when you have missed your menstrual cycle.

The cervix is slightly open before the ovulation. The opening of the cervix is tiny and is similar to a thin slit. It opens during the menstruation. 

Cervix Position During Early Pregnancy

When a woman has conceived, early pregnancy makes the position of the cervix high and closed. The mucus plug starts to prepare for pregnancy. Mucous is thin and colorless, and it starts to become a plug and grows thick and white.

Cervix Position During Early Pregnancy

Low Cervix in Early Pregnancy

If the egg and the sperm don’t meet, your cervix shifts to a lower position during the early pregnancy. 

High Cervix in Early Pregnancy

The first pregnancy changes the position of the cervix. During the process of ovulation, when the ovaries have released an egg, the cervix is at a higher position. If your cervix is high, then there are high chances that you are pregnant. 

Opening of Cervix in Early Pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the baby starts to grow, it starts to put pressure on the cervix. The pressure causes the cervix to open because the baby is becoming ready to come out. 

Soft Cervix in Early Pregnancy

During the early pregnancy phase, the cervix of a woman becomes soft and high and changes its position often. The changes in the cervix’s texture and position are the first things that happen after the fertilization is done.

The cervix during early pregnancy is hard, but at the same time, it stays high. As the baby becomes older in the cervix’s texture starts to get softer, which is helpful in childbirth.

Hard Cervix in Early Pregnancy

When the women have menstrual bleeding, the cervix is usually on the lower side, hard. It is also slightly open that allows the blood to flow out easily. The cervix feels hard like the tip of your nose. When your periods have stopped, the cervix gets low and becomes extremely hard. At this time, the opening of the uterus remains closed. 

Mucus Plug Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause many changes in the cervix, and after a few weeks, the mother will start developing a mucus plug. The mucus plug is created inside the opening of the cervical canal. It will seal off the uterus and protects it from any infection. One of the best ways to check the mucus plug in early pregnancy is that it features a yellowish-white color. Sometimes the color may be pink or brown, while usually; the pregnancy discharge is a little thin and smelly.

If a woman loses the mucus plug in the early stages of pregnancy that may mean that a miscarriage can happen. It doesn’t have to be a miscarriage for some women as the vaginal discharge is common during pregnancy. If you lose the mucus plug, in week 37, which will indicate that, the labor has started slightly earlier than expected.

How to Check the Cervix in Early Pregnancy?

The best way to check the cervix is with the use of your hands. You will have to make sure that you wash your hands and get comfortable. It will be easy to start with your fingers and stick one or two of them in your vagina. The middle finger will work best as it happens to be the longest one. 

Check the Cervix in Early Pregnancy

The main thing is that your fingernails and hands should be properly clean and dry. It is a little challenging to get an accurate reading on the position and texture of the cervix in early pregnancy. The best way is to keep track of how your cervix feels like when you are ovulating or when the menstruation is about to begin.

Is this a Reliable Pregnancy Test?

It will be hard to say if this pregnancy test is reliable or not as some women don’t feel their cervix frequently to know the difference. The method can work if you are familiar with the changes in the cervix. Even if a woman knows her cervix well, frequent changes may occur inside, and it may not be easy to judge.

Other Early Signs of Pregnancy 1 Week

There are many changes that a women’s body goes through during pregnancy and cervical changes are one of them. Many different symptoms are included in the early signs of pregnancy are:

Early Signs of Pregnancy 1 Week

  • Breast Tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Cravings for food
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Slight cramping
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Weird or metallic taste in your mouth
  • You may urinate more than usual

Cervix in Early Pregnancy Pictures                

Once you have found out that you are pregnant, taking good care of yourself is very important. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep should be the first thing to do. If all the signs hint towards a pregnancy, you can take home to confirm it. The pregnancy tests are designed to give you accurate results, especially if you have missed your periods.

There are plenty of hormones in the body, and they will change while you are pregnant. It will be useful to let them adjust for a while and consult a doctor for more details. Here are some pictures of the cervix in early pregnancy. You can also check the pictures of the cervix and get to know every detail regarding the cervix.

Cervix in Early Pregnancy Pictures

When to Consult with your Doctor?

Women who think that they are pregnant should consult a doctor. It is essential to let the doctor know if you have missed your period or bleeding during pregnancy. Early pregnancy will be easy to judge through signs and symptoms. 

However, you cannot be sure until there is a proper pregnancy test involved. It is best to consult the doctor if the cervical discharge is smelly or green in color or vaginal blood coming out other than menstruation. Staying away from alcohol is very important, or else it can harm your child.

Final Words

The cervix of women starts changing as soon as they get pregnant. The texture and position also vary, and sometimes the changes are not noticeable. If you think you are pregnant, checking the cervix in early pregnancy can be a good idea. The cervical discharge also becomes different, and that is when you begin to see the changes.

 If you cannot judge or find out what to do, the best way is to consult a doctor. They can clear all the doubts and questions that you may have about pregnancy. You can start with some light exercises like yoga and take prenatal vitamins so you and your child can remain healthy. Precaution is better than cure!

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